The Urban Vintage Affair – Guest Blog from Tasha

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Hi, I am Tasha and I would like to introduce to you all my new brand The Urban Vintage Affair. 

This lifestyle brand offers creative couples, a carefully selected collection of high quality antique, vintage and modern traditionally crafted products.  So you can own unique and tangible investment pieces as inspiration in decorating and furnishing your new home together.

All our antique products and have a fabulous long history with a story to tell. The aspiring and eclectic array of categories will please and excite all walks of life from serious collectors, to dukes and punks, hence our less than usual category list…  The categories also have extensive historic information, so you can appreciate and understand the value in the craft and journey of each item.I also develop modern, traditionally crafted products involving our network of independent and off shore brands and suppliers.  With a strong presence on social media, I have created this brand to communicate and highlight features in what happening in the modern world of design, art and antiques. We are not an antique store but a lifestyle brand offering so much more than any other antique retailer.  

Attention to detail in all handmade and antique products give a sense of depth and warmth knowing that you have in your possession a unique and in some cases unusual piece, that has not been mass-produced in a factory but designed, individually crafted and slowly finished with care and consideration.

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Having studied Fashion Design at college and university and worked for many years in fashion, research and development, you might wonder where do I get my passion for all things old?

It started at a young age. From the age of seven I started wondering into second-hand stores, always dragging mum into charity and bric-a-brac shops, seeing unusual things and questioning what they were. I suppose I was always a nosy child and even today still not afraid to question antique dealers when coming across unusual curiosities. 

During my college years, I soon began to get fed up of living in a mass-produced environment where cheap Weetabix furniture kept on chipping and breaking and then having to replace them every time I moved residence. So I began to save my money from my weekend retail work and would only spend it on quality items. I found myself only purchasing homemade or antiques or doing without.

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Never having been a fan of retro 70’s style my desire was to go later back into Georgian and Victorian era products. Things I would see in the museum and on my favourite period film Gosford Park – check it out. I was intrigued to own these unusual talking point items that had so much attention to detail, that had lasted so long and had a story. The thing I realised about antiques is that they have already lasted 100 years and no doubt will last 100 more.

My many years in fashion working with fantastic designer brands including, Tommy Hilfiger, Pringle of Scotland and All Saints, my sourcing and development skills has allowed me to bring my fascination of handmade historical items into modern, contemporary living. 

After studying antiques and collectables, I’ve spent the last 2 years sourcing my collection, from high-end market trade fairs to muddy and extremely cold fields in the countryside. From travelling though the Netherlands and France and bringing some of our silver back from the United States, I’ve worked very hard collating and researching each and every piece. At the end of November 2017 I finally took action to make this brand come alive.Hopefully my brand will inspire you too. 

Tasha x


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