Our Founder

Lindsey Ahmet Headshot LWB founder

Lindsey set up Local Women In Business to help more women and their male business colleagues and partners to connect with more people who can help support, empower and generate ideas. Enabling more women to grow in the business and senior leadership arena to help bridge the gender pay gap.

Lindsey’s primary motivation is her children’s futures. Wanting her daughter to grow up in a society that will support, nurture and allow her to progress and grow into a career that she wants rather than one that has been pre-determined because of previous generations discriminations towards women. She also wants to ensure that her son does not grow up in a world where the coin has flipped and he no-longer has a voice due to ‘the pendulum swinging the other way’ with gender equality.

Lindsey started in customer service/relations and sales with over 10 years’ experience in various fully trained roles in large corporations. This is along with a degree in Graphic Design, with a special interest in branding and social media, she has extensive knowledge to share to help and support others.

She has set up several businesses in previous years, along with helping to run other businesses. During which time, she has gained extensive successful experience in a wide variety of areas within business and entrepreneurship. Having the fortune of being featured in a number of publications, including:







Daily Mirror Lindsey Ahmet Feature image




Lindsey Ahmet with David Cameron at virgin media

She has worked with Virgin Start-up and Virgin media, providing advice and has experience of a business mentor. She has a passion for helping others to succeed in business and in life in general. Lindsey’s passion for helping others extends to everyone she meets, including a homeless man by the name of Shaun, who she helped using her experience of social media:



Lindsey Ahmet helps Homeless Man Shaun with social media

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